What We Do

Institute of Self-Sustainability Building (ISB) become a foundation for economic global competitiveness in smart living ecosystem,in which each element thrives by playing a vital, social role that builds upon, and contributes to the efforts of the others.

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Our Research

Research is a prominent feature at ISB, and we are proud to be recognised as a pioneering force in a broad range of smart living work – from fundamental to applied – with demonstrable positive impacts on society and industry.

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Research Facilities

Operating model of extensive shared facility to support for scientific research in areas of Self-Sustainability Building.


We prioritise our research across smart living of strength and innovation.


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Research Capabilities


Institute Head Members

Centre/Group/Cluster Head of Centre/Group/Cluster Email
Centre for Urban Resource Sustainability (CUReS) Noor Amila Binti Wan Abdullah Zawawi amilawa@utp.edu.my
Advance & Functional Materials (AFM) Prof Dr Faiz Ahmad faizahmad@utp.edu.my
Advanced Integrated Membrane System (AIMS) Dr Muhammad Roil Bilad mroil.bilad@utp.edu.my
Centre of Biofuel & Biochemical Research (CBBR) Prof. Ir Dr Suzana bt Yusup drsuzana_yusuf@utp.edu.my
Centre of Social Transformation for Sustainable Lifestyles Dr Subarna A/P Sivapalan subarna_s@utp.edu.my
Centre for Urban Resource Sustainability (CUReS) Prof Dr Shamsul Rahman b M Kutty shamsulrahman@utp.edu.my
Energy Policy (EP) Dr Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim ridhuan_tony@utp.edu.my
Solar Thermal Advanced Research Centre (STARC) Prof Dr Hussain H. Jaafer Al Kayiem hussain_kayiem@utp.edu.my
Solar Thermal Advanced Research Centre (STARC) AP Dr Indra Sati Hamonangan Harahap indrasati@utp.edu.my