A.P Ir Dr Masri Baharom

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Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Office Address
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bandar Seri Iskandar
Perak, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 5-368 7024
Email: masrib@utp.edu.my


2008, PhD in PhD by University of Bradford
2000, Master in Msc (Eng) by University of Leeds
1992, Degree in BSc by University of Rochester

Area of Expertise:

1) Automotive
2) Novel engine designs and development
3) Design of Mechanical Systems
4) Novel electrical motor designs and development
5) Transport (vehicle) architecture
6) Vehicle dynamics and control



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Altaf, K. and Qayyum, J.A. and Rani, A.M.A. and Ahmad, F. and Megat-Yusoff, P.S.M. and Baharom, M. and Aziz, A.R.A. and Jahanzaib, M. and German, R.M. (2018) Performance analysis of enhanced 3D printed polymer molds for metal injection molding process. Metals, 8 (6).

Machmudah, A. and Parman, S. and Baharom, M.B. (2018) Continuous path planning of Kinematically redundant manipulator using Particle Swarm Optimization. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 9 (3). pp. 207-217.

Setiawan, J.D. and Baharom, M.B. and Bin Abdul Wali, M.A. (2018) Development of force feedback in steering systems for virtual driving simulator. MATEC Web of Conferences, 159 .

Ullah, B. and Ovinis, M. and Baharom, M.B. and Ali, S.S.A. and Javaid, M.Y. (2018) Pitch and depth control of underwater glider using LQG and LQR via Kalman filter. International Journal of Vehicle Structures and Systems, 10 (2). pp. 137-141.