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The Geosciences & Petroleum Engineering Department at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS was established in 2006 and had its first batch of petroleum geoscience undergraduate students in January 2009. In 2011, the department fragmented into two, the Geosciences Department and the Petroleum Engineering Department under the Faculty of Geosciences & Petroleum Engineering.

The objective of the Geosciences Department is to produce technically qualified well-rounded petroleum geoscientists with the potential to become leaders of the industry and the nation. Graduates from the department will be competent geoscientists who are able to fulfil the industrial needs of the Oil & Gas Industry and champion the industry to its forefront.

The Department offers four programmes namely Bachelor of Technology in Petroleum Geoscience, MSc in Petroleum Geoscience (by Coursework and Research), MSc Petroleum Geoscience (by Coursework and Research) and PhD in Petroleum Geoscience.

The Bachelor of Technology in Petroleum Geoscience is a four-year course and the curriculum will provide the graduates with a strong understanding of geology and geophysics geared towards the discovery, exploration and exploitation of petroleum. The undergraduate programme is challenging yet flexible and it is designed to meet the needs of the students of which more than 25% are international.

The MSc degree by coursework is tailored to train young graduates and professionals from the industry on approaches, methods and techniques to explore and evaluate new oil and gas fields and to characterise reservoirs for exploitation. This is achieved through a curriculum which is developed with inputs modified after the experience of Institut Francais du Petrole, Paris and experts from the oil and gas industry and featuring 14 modules, 2 management electives, fieldwork and a 4-month Industrial Project.

The MSc and PhD degrees by research programmes focused on experimentation in one of the research clusters, namely, Integrated Basin Analysis, Advanced Seismic Technology and Rock Physics & Reservoir Characterisation. The first-class research facilities coupled with strong funding support from internal sources and close guidance and supervision from the many internationally acclaimed lecturers in the department will stimulate the intellectual development of the students and prepare them for future challenges.

The department has a centre of excellence, the South-east Asia Carbonate Research Laboratory (SEACARL), which was inaugurated on March 2009. SEACARL is dedicated to carbonate studies and to ensure having quality teaching and research programmes, it is associated with a number of reputable carbonate centres and renown carbonate specialists in the world.

The Department has another centre of excellence, the Centre of Excellence in Subsurface Seismic Imaging & Hydrocarbon which will focus on seismic studies for the oil and gas. The department will continue to grow and keep up with the changes in the oil & gas industry, and move on to strengthen the curricula and explore research areas that will contribute towards the development of the country.