What We Do

About Us

The Institute of Contaminant Management (ICM) specializes in conducting research and developing efficient technology to monetize natural gas from unexplored gas fields. The Institute has around 100 researchers and postgraduate students dedicated in realizing these goals. Through research in the areas of downhole separation, transportation, pre-treatment, capture, utilization, process safety, socio-economy and environmental impact related to gas contaminant management, ICM explores various techniques to create opportunity in these unexplored gas fields, bringing the gas industry towards greater heights.

Vision of ICM

To be a globally recognized industrial partner of choice for R&D in oil and gas contaminant management.

Mission of ICM
  • To provide opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge through research in contaminant management for oil and gas.
  • To build close partnership with industries through strategic alliance for providing innovations and solutions in contaminant management for oil and gas.
  • To collaborate with relevant authorities and institutions as a reference point to disseminate knowledge and technology in contaminant management for oil and gas.
ICM Area of Expertise

1. Multiphase Downhole Separation

  • Gas Seperation Research Centre (GSRC)
  • UTP Hydrate Research Group (HYRES)

2. Utilization and Conversion

  • CO2 Utilization

3. Pretreatment and Transportation

  • Centre of Research in Ionic Liquids (CORIL)
  • Centre for Corrosion Research (CCR)
  • Centre for Contaminant Control (CENCO)

4. Separation

  • CO2 Research Centre (CO2RES)

5. Social Economy & Environment

  • Centre For Organizational & Social Research in Energy (COSRE)

6. Safe Design & Operation

  • Centre of Advanced Process Safety (CAPS)