UTP Research Hub

UTP Research Hub was developed by the Knowledge Management Unit, Information Resource Centre, UTP in year 2018. The Research Hub connects various reference sources inclusive of books, literature reviews, articles, journals (subscribed and open access), experts info, university collaborations through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). Publications metadata from the university research institutes are published and hyperlink from the original sources. These cover articles from subscribed databases and open access journals from the web. Major component of research hub is the Research Discovery, connecting multiple sites that provide access to university databases (connectors) all over the world.

The criteria of the databases are:

The Research Hub benefited university research community through resource sharing and research visibility plus simplified information searching through digital library platform with discovery services, connecting people with experts and making research works more visible.

The Research Hub is clustered into major research disciplines according to the six (6) university research institute:
  1. Institute for Contaminant Management for Oil and Gas
  2. Institute for Autonomous System and Autonomous Facilities
  3. Institute for Health and Analytics for Personalised Care
  4. Institute for Hydrocarbon Recovery and Enhanced Oil Recovery
  5. Institute for Self Sustainable Building
  6. Institute for Transport Infrastructure for Smart Mobility
Each institute has its own classified keywords (nomenclature) which ease the classification of knowledge and research areas. Browse by Subject will hyperlink researchers with content developed for their research areas. Research Blog collates all completed researches to be accessed by the public. Bulk of Experiences, Success Stories and Insights are materials shared via UTP Research Hub exclusively for the research community.