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The Mission Oriented Research (MOR) in Biomedical Technology (BMT) is one of the leading groups in the field of biomedical engineering and technology in Malaysia. There are more than 20 faculty members and more than 80 postgraduate students affiliated with this MOR. It has three main research groups: Bio-Instrumentation and Devices, Imaging and Neuro-Signal Processing, Data Science and Analytics.

The main research under the MOR covers topics ranging from dermatology, ophthalmology, neuroscience, orthopaedics, rehabilitation and disease modelling. Cutting-edge and state-of-the-art equipment are available for the researchers to pursue their interests in these fields. These include multispectral cameras, thermal cameras, 3D laser scanner, 3D optical scanner, 128-channel EEG machine (compatible with fMRI for simultaneous data acquisition), eye tracker, fNIR system, wireless EMG system, ECG machine, 20 channel wireless EEG machine and customized sodium knee coil for fMRI.

To have a National Centre of Excellence in Health Diagnostic Tools
  • To explore the frontiers of technology in biomedical science and engineering
  • To provide solutions to various problems in biomedical science and engineering
Assoc Prof Dr Mohamad Naufal Mohamad Saad
Director, Biomedical Technology
+605 3687893

Nor Diana Binti Nordian
+605 3688178
Core Members
1. Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil Mohamad Hani
2. Assoc Prof Dr Aamir Saeed Malik
3. Assoc Prof Dr Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam
4. Assoc Prof Dr Tang Tong Boon
5. Assoc Prof Dr Nidal Kamel
6. Assoc Prof Dr Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin
7. Assoc Pro. Dr Ibrahima Faye
8. Prof. Fabrice Meriaudeau
9. Dr Ho Tatt Wei
10. Assoc Prof Dr Sarat Chandra Dass
11. Assoc Prof Dr Nasreen Badruddin
12. Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Majdi A Rani
13. Assoc Prof Dr M Zuki Yusoff
14. Dr Azrina A Aziz
15. Dr Azlan Awang
16. Dr Syed Saad Azhar Ali
17. Dr Lila Iznita
18. Dr Norashikin Yahya
19. Dr Mohana Sundaram Muthuvalu
20. Dr Siti Asmah Daud
21. Dr Yong Suet Peng
22. Prof Dr Varun Jeoti
23. Dr Khurram Altaf