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  • Device, Material & Infrastructure
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Institute of Autonomous Systems (IAS) impact positively on business, the environment, society - and of course, our university and industry. The work we are doing helps to advance knowledge and address real world problems, in a variety of different ways.

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Explore a big part of IAS's success in pushing automative facilities forward involves shared access to state-of-art facilities and resources.

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Supporting the resources, infrastructure and facilities that promote research at IAS.


Read about the disciplines, technology and approaches that are focal points for research across the IAS.


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Institute Head Members

Centre/Group/Cluster Head of Centre/Group/Cluster Email
Instrumentation, Systems and Advanced Control (ISaAC) Centre Vijanth Sagayan A/L Asirvadam vijanth_sagayan@utp.edu.my
Centre for Smart Grid Energy Research (CSMER) AP Dr Nordin B Saad nordiss@utp.edu.my
Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) AP Dr Marappagounder Ramasamy marappagounder@utp.edu.my
Centre for Research in Data Science (CERDAS) AP Dr Jafreezal B Jaafar jafreez@utp.edu.my
Centre of Innovative Nanostructures & Nanodevices (COINN) Prof Dr Norani Muti Bt Mohamed noranimuti_mohamed@utp.edu.my
High Performance Cloud Computing Centre (HPC3) AP Dr Ahmad Kamil B Mahmood kamilmh@utp.edu.my
Instrumentation, Systems and Advanced Control (ISaAC) Centre AP Ir Dr Idris B Ismail idrisim@utp.edu.my
Mathematical and Statistical Science (MSS4i) Dr Lee Yen Cheong lee_yencheong@utp.edu.my
Offshore Engineering Centre (OEC) AP Dr Bashar S Mohamed bashar.mohammed@utp.edu.my
Positive Computing Dr Noreen Izza Bt Arshad noreenizza@utp.edu.my
Software Quality & Quality Engineering (SQ2E) Dr Shuib bin Basri shuib_basri@utp.edu.my
UnWireD Solutions Prof Dr Varun Jeoti varun_jeoti@utp.edu.my